Provide quality products and bring convenient experience.

We focus on quality over quantity and are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

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We provide a full range of solutions for safe production.


When the mechanical product is manufactured and tested, we will arrange delivery and installation and will guide you on how to properly use and maintain the mechanical product to ensure its long-term performance and reliability.

Help users install machine tools to designated locations

Provide machine tool users with training on the operation, maintenance, care and safe use of machine tools

Provide regular and unscheduled machine tool repair and maintenance services

Provide machine tool users with machine tool software and hardware updates and upgrades

Remote support

Provide technical support to machine tool users through telephone, video or remote control software to help users solve problems during use.

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After-sales consultation

Provide consulting services to machine tool users and answer their questions about machine tool performance, maintenance, operating skills, etc.

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Extended warranty service

Provide machine tool users with extended warranty services to extend the after-sales protection of machine tools during use.

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Our team's core values are collaboration, innovation and excellence. We believe greater goals can be achieved through teamwork. Each team member has excellent professional knowledge and skills and is able to provide customers with comprehensive service and support.

Sophia  &project 

Lead the project team, coordinate and manage all aspects of the project, and ensure project results are delivered on time.


Lead the technical team and formulate technology development strategies to ensure that the company remains competitive in technology.

Emily Davis& coo

Responsible for recruiting, training and managing the company's employees to ensure the company has the right talent resources.

John Smith&manager

Responsible for managing the team, developing business strategies and ensuring the smooth running of the company.

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